WordPress Features and Benefits

WordPress Features and Benefits

WordPress, the greatest (and most widely used) open-source content management system (CMS) currently available, is the platform on which IQComputing creates websites, making it simple for you to maintain the content of your own website. WordPress, a platform that has been used and proven for more than 10 years, makes it possible to handle material more quickly, intuitively, and with a smaller learning curve than other open-source website content management systems. WordPress development provides you with a platform that enables growth. It is not necessary to launch your website completely from scratch in order to add new features, services, and designs.

Easily manage your website content

You can easily manage the content of your website anytime and however much you like. You can log in from any modern browser and make updates to your website without any programming experience thanks to the user-friendly WordPress content management system.

Unlimited Pages, Posts, Products, & More

Don’t limit yourself; you are free to add any number of pages, posts, or goods to your website. You may also add photos, text, files, links, and embedded media directly to the content areas of your pages at any moment. dapibus leo.

Integrated News & Blog Posting

Use the built-in blogging and blog category administration to your advantage by quickly adding, modifying, and removing content as needed. Daily news stories can be added right from your browser!

Flexible Posting Scheduling

You can generate material in advance and schedule it for publication by scheduling posts to appear on specified days and times. Construct posts and pages and save them as drafts until you’re ready to publish them.

Restore Deleted Pages & Rollback Versioning

Using the built-in version control tools, you may easily recover deleted page content (before it is permanently deleted) and even roll back page text to earlier versions. Whenever you need to, publish pages live or save them so that only you can see what they look like.

Website portability and avoiding vendor lock-in

No provider should be able to lock in our clients. We guarantee your website can be relocated to a compatible environment if necessary by utilizing an open-source platform. In the event that a CMS developer ends support for a system or raises pricing, using “proprietary” CMS platforms may necessitate a complete project restart.

Add Additional Website Editors Quickly

Giving other employees in your company the power to manage the content of your website is as simple as adding, editing, and removing extra editors. Maintaining your website’s freshness is a breeze thanks to web-based content management and self-service password resets!

Website Management Security

A website that frequently has outages or is hacked is useless and can lead to a loss of client confidence, lost opportunities for sales, decreased organic search engine ranking, and a bad reputation for your company. As part of our managed web hosting services, we take care of the security, backups, core updates, and updates for your WordPress CMS! We employ tried-and-true development methodologies when creating websites in conjunction with our managed business hosting services to assist prevent break-ins frequently connected to CMS-driven websites. We secure your website by removing any potentially hazardous entry points that hackers and malicious users frequently exploit. To make sure that new threats are found and countered before they harm your website, security procedures are regularly reviewed. Web nodes are regularly updated and firewalled.

Updates to plugins and the core

By regularly implementing updates and fundamental improvements to the CMS on your website, we assist in preventing software obsolescence. So that you don’t have to worry about missing the CMS update cycle, this keeps your website on the most recent stable release development track. Our team takes care of this for you.

Continuity and dependability

Technologies that support the upkeep of your website are evaluated and put into use by IQComputing. Third-party plugins are reviewed and tested on our managed platform in order to reduce performance effects on your website and assist eliminate security risks. It’s not always true that the newest thing is the best for your website.

Regular Backups

In the event of catastrophic failures, our managed website hosting services do automated daily site-level backups as well as bare metal backups to assist prevent the loss of data.

Multifaceted Infrastructure

Because of our varied infrastructure strategy, we can guarantee that your website will function on a node that is only used for it while mail, DNS, and other services will run on nodes that are suited for those settings.

Web Design with WordPress

Create unique websites that stand out and convey your message when we use WordPress web design. Without compromising the advantages of a dynamic WordPress website, your website can be responsive, simple to maintain, and offer all the capabilities that a static website offers. As a platform for creating websites, WordPress has solidified its position as one of the most well-known and commonly used CMS in the world. The platform’s incredible features and qualities are the cause for its appeal.

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